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As shar-pei breeders ourselves we thought what is ideal research tool to make best breeding decisions? What do I need to know when I want to choose right stud for my bitch? What do I need to know when I want to buy new puppy to add to my breeding program? How can I get as much as possible truthful information about any shar-pei interesting for me? What is answer? We need full genealogical database including pedigrees with health records and also with pictures and also with lists of all descendants. Actually it's huge job but if every breeder or owner would upload pictures and standard information about his/her dogs all together we could build such database.

What should be your own benefit from participation in this project? First of all, you get information about all others shar-pei available. Second, you get skillful well-informed breeder who ask your stud service after detailed research. Third, you get enthusiastic buyer who was not lazy to do investigation before to choose you as responsible breeder.

Shar-pei database mostly bases on official sources to get the most complete and correct information. Those sources are reports of American Kennel Club and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. We get information from official sources therefore dog records can be available for us late then your dog got registration in AKC. So if you don't find your dog in database and your dog has AKC registration you can submit this information yourself. Since you dog are already in database you can submit photos, OFA results and DNA. Please note that we accept photos or other information concerning to a particular dog only from owner or breeder.



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